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Essentials Kitchen Swap Out Pack

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1 x 10m Recycled Foil
1 x 30m Compostable Cling Film
1 x 20 Compostable Bin Bags – 10 Litre
1 x Compostable Bin Bag – 60 Litre (10 bags)
1 x 35 Food and Freezer Bags – 2 Litre
1 x 25 Food and Freezer Bag – 4 Litre

Give your customers the option to swap all their kitchen essentials to eco alternatives-all in one box!

BIN LINERS (60 Litre and 10 Litre): Strengthened & lightweight, our durable garbage bags are completely compostable. The pack includes 60 Litre bags for the kitchen bin and 10 litre bags for food caddies.

FREEZER BAGS (2 Litre and 4 Litre): Food storage bags made from completely natural plant-based, and renewable resources and compost completely without residue.

CLING FILM: Eco Green Living Biodegradable Wrapping is made from Corn Starch and certified compostable to EN13432 & ASTM D6400 standard. It contains absolutely no micro plastics.

TIN FOIL: A roll contains 30cm X 10m of thick recycled tin foil.