Whole Foods and Eco Green Living Join Forces to Promote Eco-Friendly Living

Whole Foods and Eco Green Living Join Forces to Promote Eco-Friendly Living

Higher Whitley, Feb 23 – In a remarkable partnership, Whole Foods and Eco Green Living are teaming up to bring a new era of sustainability to London. Eco Green Living, a family-owned business based in the Northwest of England and known for its passionate commitment to eco-friendliness, is excited to announce its collaboration with Whole Foods. Seven Whole Foods stores across London, including a flagship location, will now carry Eco Green Living's eco-friendly products.

Eco Green Living was born out of a desire to make eco-friendly alternatives for everyday household items more accessible and affordable for families. Operating from a repurposed chicken shed, this family-run business has a strong focus on helping families reduce their environmental impact. The partnership with Whole Foods represents a significant step forward in their mission to promote eco-conscious living on a larger scale.

Julie Cook, Director of Eco Green Living, highlights the growing trend of environmental awareness among shoppers: "Shoppers are becoming increasingly conscious, so it only makes sense for retail companies to introduce eco-friendly products to their offering. In 2022, 64% of UK shoppers consciously limited their use of single-use plastics, and 40% chose which brands to shop with based on their environmental credentials."

Eco Green Living's product range at Whole Foods includes:

1. Compostable Bin Bags: Available in 10, 30, and 60-liter sizes, these eco-friendly bags are perfect for food caddies, small office or bathroom bins, tall kitchen bins, and larger kitchen bins. They decompose in weeks, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bags that take centuries to break down.

2. Compostable Food and Freezer Bags: Designed to store cut-up fruits and vegetables in the freezer, these bags aim to reduce food waste in households.

3. Compostable Clingwrap: A certified compostable kitchen essential for reducing food waste.

4. Recycled Foil: Thick, strong, and endlessly recyclable.

5. Compostable Dog Bags: Ideal for eco-conscious dog owners, these bags allow for guilt-free walks with your furry companions.

Eco Green Living is excited about this partnership with Whole Foods and believes it will help more families make the transition to an eco-friendlier lifestyle. Julie Cook encourages retailers to stock Eco Green Living's products to further the cause of sustainability.

For inquiries about stocking Eco Green Living's products, please contact:

Julie Cook
Eco Green Living
Website: https://ecogreenliving.co.uk/
Phone: 0161 416 6614
Email: julie@ecogreenliving.co.uk

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